studio 501/Planetary Citizen: Rebirthing useful objects from trash

Sometimes all it takes to save a broken object from landfill — turn it into something that can be used for many more years — is a little cleaning-up, and a needle and thread!

This is a nice little insulated cooler bag that just needs some TLC. (Plus maybe some cute personalized touch like a decorative tag with a flower, astrological sign, person’s initials, favorite animal, etc.)

My latest art project, studio 501 (reviving my Planetary Citizen brand), is focused on creating new value for discarded objects and single-use plastic materials.

And fostering self-expression by showing people how to do after-market embellishing of discarded items, turning them into cherished objects and in some cases maybe even heirlooms!

Stay tuned for more posts like this!

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I wrote the following this morning as some possible text for a “mission statement” to put as a tag or insert on each item that goes out into the world:

(A revised version February 16):

Greetings Fellow Planetary Citizen!

In this throwaway society, we constantly see useful things tossed away. It hurts the planet and hurts our hearts.

Here at our little seaside studio, we give cast-off things new life by turning them into one-of-a-kind pieces: treasure-boxes, potion-jars, bags, key-charms, and more.

If you received this piece as a gift and it doesn’t quite suit you, but you don’t want to send it to landfill, please feel free to re-gift it!

Or, return it to 501. We’ll upcycle it into a new piece for a new owner … And YOU, if you like, can pick out something else from our current selection. Or get credit toward a future item.

With love — for the planet and for YOU,


studio 501

We live by the beach, where we often find single-use plastic containers and other stuff that is still useful.

We take joy and satisfaction in creating cute and useful objects from these materials.

Hope you will enjoy this piece. When you are ready, please consider keeping it out of landfill in one of the following ways:

• Re-gift it

Or, return it to studio 501. We will remake it into a new piece for a new customer — And YOU will receive a $10 credit on future purchases of studio 501 merchandise!

From materials that were thrown away, we create gift tins, medicine boxes, jewelboxes, mini worlds-in-a-tin, friendship jars, shopping bags & handbags, scarves, vial-necklaces & other jewelry, keychains, and other fun & useful items.

(Yes, by the way, we do custom work too! And we offer DIY workshops so you can learn how to make your own!)

It’s amazing what gets tossed up by the sea, blown by the wind, washed by the sun. And what a little creativity and love can add!

Edited version:

Studio 501/Planetary Citizen

Greetings fellow earthling!

We live by the beach, where we constantly find discarded items that are still useful. So many things tossed by the sea, scoured by the sand, blown by the wind!

From these cast-offs, we create decorative & practical one-of-a-kind items.

We hope you enjoy this piece. When you wish to let it go, please consider keeping it out of landfill by either:

•Re-gifting it; or

•Returning it to studio 501. We’ll remake it into a new piece for a new customer.

And you’ll get a $10 credit toward Planetary Citizen merchandise!