Elevator pitch for low-footprint living

Just now, I made a video advocating for the formation of a climate action teams at one of the UU congregations I’m “friends” with.

I made this video at the request of a fellow activist who is working to organize a climate action team in that congregation.

As a bonus, the video also turns out to be a good “elevator pitch” summary of my philosophy of low-footprint living and why it makes a difference.

I uploaded the video to my YouTube channel. Here is the link to the video. The duration is one minute nine seconds.

Hope you find it useful in your advocacy work. Please feel free to use any of it that is helpful to your green mission.

Also for your convenience, I am copy-pasting the transcript below:

Hi! I’m Jenny Nazak, a sustainability educator in Daytona Beach, Florida. I’m part of a global grassroots movement of people who voluntarily cut our eco-footprint to a fraction of the US average. We’ve learned it’s possible to radically reduce our consumption and still have a very comfortable life. In fact, our lives have improved. But individual action isn’t enough; we need systemic change. And governments can’t implement change from the top down; they need buy-in from the people. Just as the government back in World War II had to get emotional buy-in for the war effort, we now need to get widespread emotional buy-in for climate. That’s why I support climate teams in the UU congregations. UUs are in an excellent position to make a difference. Many of us are elders, with financial and political clout. We have the power to popularize climate-focused living. Our kids, grandkids, and future generations need for us to step up.