Welcome! This website is dedicated to low-footprint living. Having pursued what I call a “deep-green” lifestyle for many years, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gained insights; made (many) mistakes; discovered priceless resources. Although my original intent was to help restore ecological balance and ensure the survival of the human race on Planet Earth, I’ve also ended up gaining great personal benefits along the way. On these pages I share with you the fruits of my journey, so you can embark on your own low-footprint lifestyle journey (or continue it) with confidence and gusto. I’m out to spark a widespread craze for ultra-low-footprint living LARGE!

About My Book DEEP GREEN
My book DEEP GREEN is a quick-start guide to ultra-low-footprint living. I’m here to help you get straight to the heart of all those little everyday choices that make up your footprint. With the tips and tools in this book, it’s now easier than ever to “WALK YOUR TALK”! You can get your copy via Amazon (print version $16 or ebook $7), or order direct from me (print version only — signed on request!) To buy direct, send me $16 + $5* shipping via PayPal to jnazak at yahoo dot com; or I’ll take your card number over the phone – call 512-619-5363.
(*Additional shipping cost may apply for recipients outside the USA.)