Welcome! This website is dedicated to ultra-low-footprint living. My goal is to make this lifestyle super-cool and wildly popular. Why? Because I believe that a “Grassroots Green Mobilization” is the best hope for us humans on this planet. Slashing the privileged world’s footprint, as quickly as possible, is our best hope to correct and (possibly) reverse ecosystem damage and ease a lot of human suffering. Even if we ultimately fail, we in the privileged world (I’m particularly talking about my country, the USA) can at least help buy some time for humanity, and ease suffering for as many people as possible, by choosing to live at a low footprint.

Conveniently, it just so happens that what I call deep-green living can also lead to a happier life. For me, it has brought creative and occupational freedom, as well as freedom from financial anxiety. There are other personal benefits too. It’s an ethical and rewarding way to live.

Is catalyzing a low-footprint-lifestyle movement an ambitious goal? Yes, but the movement is well under way and we’ve got lots of company. We’re all in this together, and through our everyday choices we can help make the necessary difference.

P.S. On this page (and on my Facebook page Deep Green Book by Jenny Nazak), I explore (in no particular order) a variety of threads related to sustainable living. If you also want a compact, orderly guide, read my book DEEP GREEN! The book is now out of print (has been superseded by other writing projects — stay tuned). But I’ve made it available free here on this site for anyone to read.

DEEP GREEN is your quick-start guide to ultra-low-footprint living. I’m here to help you radically simplify all those little everyday choices that make up your footprint. With the tips and tools in this book, it’s now easier than ever to “WALK YOUR TALK”!