Welcome! This website is dedicated to ultra-low-footprint living. My goal is to make this lifestyle super-cool and wildly popular! Why? Because, based on my extensive study and observation of ecology, energy, systems thinking, and social sciences, I truly believe that a grassroots movement for deep-green living is the best hope for a just, compassionate, sustainable civilization on this planet. (As opposed to the UNjust, ME-oriented, UNsustainable civilization we’ve created). Conveniently, it just so happens that deep-green living is also a way to for us to maximize our time, wealth, and happiness! Who knew!

Is sparking a low-footprint-lifestyle movement an ambitious goal? Yes, but we need ambitious goals. And anyway, we’ve got lots of company. In this blog (and in my book DEEP GREEN), I share with you a wealth of resources to support you in your quest to live lighter on the earth. We’re all in this together, and we can make a difference.

P.S. On this page (and on my Facebook page Deep Green Book by Jenny Nazak), I explore at leisurely length, and in no particular order, a variety of threads related to sustainable living. If you also want a handy, compact, ordered guide that contains in condensed form the basic principles for designing your own low-footprint lifestyle, get yourself a copy of my book Deep Green! I am offering it by direct sale only; see purchase link/info on this site.

About My Book DEEP GREEN

DEEP GREEN is your quick-start guide to ultra-low-footprint living. I’m here to help you radically simplify all those little everyday choices that make up your footprint. With the tips and tools in this book, it’s now easier than ever to “WALK YOUR TALK”! You can order direct from me using the Buy Now button. Be sure and let me know how you want me to sign the book! The $21 price includes tax + $5 shipping for USA addresses. Overseas addresses may require additional shipping charge.