Welcome! This website is dedicated to low-footprint living. Having pursued what I call a “deep-green” lifestyle for many years, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gained insights; made (many) mistakes; discovered priceless resources. Although my original intent was to help restore ecological balance and ensure the survival of the human race on Planet Earth, I’ve also ended up gaining great personal benefits along the way. On these pages I share with you the fruits of my journey, so you can embark on your own low-footprint lifestyle journey (or continue it) with confidence and gusto.

My book DEEP GREEN is a quick-start guide to ultra-low-footprint living. A person’s eco-footprint is made up of countless little daily choices. (Paper or plastic? Buy a new hybrid or keep your old car?) For someone aspiring to live as green as possible, these choices can be exhausting and anxiety-riddled. I help you cut to the heart of things so you can intuitively make the right choices for YOU, and shrink your footprint while vastly improving your quality of life. DEEP GREEN: Minimize Your Footprint; Maximize Your Time, Wealth, and Happiness is available on Amazon (paperback or ebook) or direct through me (paperback only; signed on request!)