Welcome! This website is dedicated to low-footprint living. Having pursued what I call a “deep-green” lifestyle for many years, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gained insights; made (many) mistakes; discovered priceless resources. Although my original intent in pursuing this lifestyle was to help restore ecological balance and ensure the survival of the human race on Planet Earth, I’ve also ended up gaining great personal benefits along the way. On these pages I share with you the fruits of my journey so far, so you can embark on your own low-footprint lifestyle journey (or continue it) with confidence and gusto. I also share my mistakes and struggles to help you on your (OUR) journey.

My book DEEP GREEN is a practical yet highly readable reference manual. It condenses at your fingertips the topics I share in rambling detail on this blog. The full title of the book is DEEP GREEN: Minimize Your Footprint; Maximize Your Time, Wealth, and Happiness. The title says it all! You can order DEEP GREEN as an ebook ($7) or paperback ($16). (The Kindle ebook is available only via Amazon, but you can get the paperback direct from me if you prefer.)