Valentine heart-art: Pink snow-people snuggling

Facebook memory served up to me this morning, blast from the past! I totally forgot that I had made this whimsical Valentine’s Day cartoon, of two pink snow-persons cuddling, amidst pink, heart-shaped falling snow.

12 years ago, feels like much longer in many ways!

As always: Anyone is welcome to download & print my art for your own use! including printing on a T-shirt or mug or whatever.

If you sell something and make significant money, feel free to cashapp me lunch or a cup o’ coffee or whatever if you feel moved to do so — but it’s not required.

(That offer may change as times change, but I’ve been offering this for years and I am happy to be able to offer it til further notice!)

The only restriction: Just please use the whole image intact, including my signature.

Also please note, this offer applies only to MY artwork. Please do not download, print, or otherwise use any artist’s artwork without their permission!!!