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I wrote this and added it as a preface to my FB post about immigrants/Vineyardgate, and will probably use it as a standard preface for all “hot issues” posts I make on my personal page. If you like it you are welcome to use it on your own page; adapt as you see fit.

You are also welcome to use/adapt the following, which is compiled from comments I wrote in response to a couple of people who commented in a hostile or condescending manner. This verbiage emerged from my desire to find a more constructive way to handle “unfriendly” comments from “Facebook friends who are strangers.”

Maybe we can find common ground about something other than politics. You might resonate with some of the other posts on my page. And, I checked out your page and have found some great stuff! Will Like and respond as time allows.

And the following is in response to a comment from someone who’s a friend “in real life” (and a very kind person who has gone out of her way to help many many people, and animals too) but we have a lot of very differing views. She commented on my post, “You don’t wanna know what I think.” My reply:

I have a pretty good idea what you think. You and I have always known we have different views on many political, economic, and social issues. If you prefer, I can set a filter so my political posts don’t show up in your feed. <heart emoji> And, thank you for being a friend and a great person. Love you!

Flexibility; accommodating migration

‪The governor of FL’s shipping people out of state is not only inhumane but short-sighted. And frankly, RUDE.

This occurred to me: If/when large numbers of Floridians become (for example) climate refugees & try to migrate to other states or countries, are we going to expect the people there to welcome us? ‬With each passing year, with increasing natural disasters and all, people everywhere are only going to become more pressed to migrate in order to adapt; we need to be MORE accommodating & flexible to migration, not less. It seems to me that it behooves us to be welcoming; we might well find ourselves in the same position someday.

“… To protect the people of Florida,” he says.

WHITEwash, more like!

Funny, I a white woman do not feel “protected” by this ghoul. #NotInMyName #UnpackWhiteSupremacy #DecolonizeOurMinds

Accompaniment to my humorous yet serious grass-rant video

Seriously our national mowing fetish is SO gross and noisy in addition to wasting resources. And he (because it’s almost always a HE, isn’t it — I love men just fine, but honestly sometimes those of you fellow caucasians who are equipped with Y chromosomes have some really annoying tendencies such as idolatry of large mechanized equipment) — And he hasn’t even started in with the edger and leafblower yet, which are even noisier and produce more fumes.

Oh yay now he just started with the giant outdoor noisemaker/vacuum cleaner, whoops I mean leafblower. Ladies, can you imagine if men were this obsessive and diligent about vacuuming floors or picking up socks?? 😂🥰

This is a HUGE vacant lot. We should be letting empty unused lots revert to meadow or forest! Maybe we even need to be incentivizing it, as heat-island effects from excess paving and deforestation continue to worsen.

#GrassKissers please PLEASE for the love of God/dess find a new hobby!!

Go fishing! Go to church! Or hey here’s an idea: PLANT SOMETHING USEFUL like fruits & veggies.

And while we’re on this subject, a note for those of you men who are pleading HOAs and codes as reasons why The Grass Must Be Mowed Period Always Forever Before Anything Else: We could use for more of you men to help with challenging the HOAs and other power structure, as opposed to continuing to uphold it. The powers-that-be will listen to you guys far more than they will listen to us women.

#LawnResistanceTalkingPoints #SaveTheBees #RespectTheWildflowers #SaveTheEarthDontShaveTheEarth #DEEPGREENlawnmemes

Here is a link to the one-minute vid; you might have to Friend me on Facebook to be able to view it.

Getting comments on the FB post already — interestingly enough, from men who rarely if ever come to my page let alone comment!

Here’s my response to one guy (who happens to be a friend):

Reread my comment. NOT man-bashing. You know me better than that.

And re fines and fees: Part of what I would like men to do, is help us FIX (as in dismantle) the fines and fees that support, nay actually REQUIRE, unfair, ugly, eco-destructive practices. Instead, too many of you keep upholding this nonsense. You make our job harder bc the powers-that-be won’t listen to us women the way they will
listen to you!!

And in response to a comment from another guy, re HOAs etc.: Yes sir I am well aware of that. Part of changing things is working to change THAT. Which I am, diligently, on many fronts. We could use for more men to help with challenging the power structure as opposed to continuing to uphold it.

tagging my eco femme comrades-in-arms Kris Tollefsen-Cunningham Elizabeth Lavette Wendy B. Anderson

and a special THANK YOU to the guys out there who ARE helping us challenge the sodgrass hegemony, and all other loathesome manifestations of colonialism and quiet creeping fascism Dennis Hamilton Mike Hoag William Mantz Alan McGill and others 💚

In response to an eco-minded friend who shared a link to a group about mowing with electric instead of gas-powered: Thanks! But you are right — I’m into manualizing, or having it done by goats sheep & cows (yes we can do that in urban spaces too — people have for centuries) — plus either keeping mowing to a tiny bare minimum or else eliminating it entirely. Batteries/electric are less noisy but bring more problems. And, same as gas-powered lawn-appliances, they perpetuate the legitimization of fussbudget vanity-landscaping that is wrecking communities and the planet. PS. I am getting my antique scythe sharpened this week — finally found someone who can do it!

Comments to neighborhood vigilantes on a NextDoor thread

Nutshell: At a historic museum that has gardens, three youths (who were white) vandalized a beehive. Hive-boxes were destroyed and the queen bee went missing. (The proprietors of the facility eventually recovered the queen. Before that, a generous neighbor offered to donate the $150 to replace the queen.)


They look to be youths. One good community service, restorative justice action might be to have them make amends by learning about bees and giving a presentation for the community. That would even satisfy their “make a video” impulse — they could make a video about the importance of bees!

They could additionally be asked to do a bit of work on the property (maybe picking up litter?). Lilian Place (as well as bees) might end up getting three new advocates!


<name of person I was responding to> why are you mentioning race here? It seems irrelevant.

<name of same person I was responding to> The picture i saw here shows three young people, all WHITE.

Added a few days later: Very soon after I posted this comment (like a few minutes), it clicked in my mind that he wasn’t talking about the picture. But by the time I went to delete this comment, several people had responded to it, so I left it up in order to keep the conversation-thread intact. And, to avoid giving the impression that I was retracting my earlier comment.

My earlier comment, questioning the manner in which the commenter chose to describe the kids in the park, still stands. This is a nuanced conversation that I’m happy to have with anyone, but in a respectful manner and face-to-face rather than behind a keyboard.

Additionally added the day after my previous addition:

Context is key. Neighborhood vigilantism and mob mentality are well-documented phenomena. As is racial bias in identifying culprits of crimes. It was in that context that I asked my question.

By the way, at the time I asked my question, I was assuming that —-‘s comment about youth in Lenox Park was somehow connected to the bee incident at Lilian Place. I had to read and reread his comment over and over, before realizing he was talking about a completely unrelated incident that didn’t involve ANY of the same kids mentioned by <the person reporting the bee incident> in the original post!

This kind of linkage, lumping things together, gets people’s emotions and imaginations running amok, and before you know it we have mobs with pitchforks.

We need to be particularly careful when it comes to protecting young people and other vulnerable groups from this.

But wait, there’s more! As I texted my neighbor (and then went ahead and posted publicly): I was so grateful for your posting Gary’s DM to you. For many reasons.

1) How deferential and respectful his tone suddenly became, when responding to a man (you) respectfully challenging him, as opposed to a woman (me) respectfully challenging him. (This is a pattern in society; he just happened to be the one illustrating it today.)

2) It gives evidence that even a grown, white, male, homeowner is leery of encounters with the police. And yet he doesn’t see why anyone would be trying to protect 1) young people and 2) Black people from unnecessary police encounters. VERY telling.

Further Reading:

Google: racial bias; wrongful conviction; cross-racial identification errors. I googled “studies show white people misidentify black people in crimes” and found a lot. Also google vigilantism; mob mentality.

Response to “Live The Off-the-Grid Dream” FB ad/post

Who the heck needs 30k a month and 160 acres?? This is a hyper-individualistic, colonizer mentality. The whole “off-the-grid dream” is a colonizer mentality.

Added later to my comment on the post: I apologize for any confusion or hurt feelings caused by my comment. Where I’m coming from is as a permaculture educator and ecosocial activist who is concerned about some trends I’m seeing within the permaculture design movement.

In a nutshell, I’m concerned that we (meaning my fellow white people in the USA who are interested in permaculture and “homesteading”) are unintentionally bringing a consumerist mentality into our permaculture efforts, thus undermining our movement’s own goals of land access for all.

I want everyone to be able to do all the good things they aspire to do. I just don’t want us thinking that every one of us needs a hundred acres or even necessarily 10 acres to do it! We won’t have enough land for everyone to have a fair share if that were the case.

Particularly I have in mind our obligation of ensuring equitable land access for Black people, indigenous people, and other people of color. (And on a deeper, longterm level, supporting the Land Back movement.)

I did not mean to hurt anyone’s feelings or disparage anyone’s dreams with this comment. And anyone wanting to discuss this further is welcome to friend me and PM me. <green heart emoji>

15 characteristics of white supremacy culture

Following is just the list, which I have excerpted from the article “White Supremacy Culture”, by Tema Okun — dRworks ; and Kenneth Jones. To see the full descriptions of each characteristic, go read this very enlightening article at the link below.

15 characteristics/pillars of white supremacy culture

• perfectionism
• sense of urgency
• defensiveness
• quantity over quality
• worship of the written word
• only one right way
• paternalism
• either/or thinking
• power hoarding
• fear of open conflict
• individualism
• I’m the only one
• progress is bigger, more
• objectivity
• right to comfort

Read the whole article here:

I first encountered this list via two creators I follow closely on TikTok and other channels: desireebstephens and RoyalStarDefiant. I’m going to go grab a couple of links to their videos for you.

Desiree just started doing a whole “15 Pillars of White Supremacy” series via TikTok Live based on this list and article. The next episode is Tues Sept 20 at 7pm EST; check out this link.

This list for me was like finding a missing puzzle-piece for everything in my life. It weaves together all my efforts related to self-awareness, ecosocial activism, organizational dynamics.

And it gives me answers so many things that had mystified and aggravated me. Catty jealousy among women. People constantly asking for “links” and “sources” when someone is literally right there talking about their own lived experience. Understanding, in a new light on a new level, things like sexism, body-shaming, squashing people’s joy … and why the so-called “landscaping” at parks and buildings and houses is so toxic and fake. Understanding why such a long long long list of patterns and things in family and society have come to be the way they are …

It even gives me answers to those lifelong burning little questions such as “Why, in the tiny little village where my Dad grew up in the coal country of Pennsylvania, did they need THREE SEPARATE Catholic churches? (one for the Slavic people, one for the Italian, and one for the Irish)?”

Which is so important because if we can understand and deconstruct a toxic culture that pervades every aspect of everyone’s lives, we will actually stand a chance at having a nurturing society and a sustainable civilization!

Truly advanced culture

Beautiful, short video of village life in Uganda. (aketchjoywinnie on TikTok — if you love this video check out her others as well!)

Observations from the standpoint of an eco/social activist, permaculture design educator of Anglo-European descent, living in the USA:

Our idea of “advanced” and “developed” seems very backward to me. For example:

  • We build buildings out of concrete and other energy-intensive materials that are super expensive to build and maintain. And expensive to repair/rebuild when hit by hurricane, earthquake, or other natural disaster. And require a whole class of “licensed professional” engineers, architects, codes, zoning, etc.
  • Meanwhile, indigenous cultures all over the world (such as in Uganda and other African countries) build their buildings out of readily available local materials such as fast-growing trees, grasses, local earth. And, everyday people know how to build and repair their own houses and other buildings. And build just what they need and will immediately use.
  • So-called “developed” countries build millions of miles of paved road, which exacerbates heat and flooding. Now some western cities are discovering the concept of “de-paving” — actually removing pavement! The advanced cultures never got around to paving so much land in the first place, so they are way ahead.
  • So-called “developed” countries have widespread malnutrition and other health issues as people have forgotten the importance of growing food near where the people are. Huge amounts of petroleum & other resources are dedicated to planting sodgrass and keeping it manicured. What a primitive, backward culture!!!
  • Some of us who live in “developed” countries are aspiring to get back to more natural, land-based ways of living. However, we are impeded by the mental limitations that our hyper-individualistic, consumerist culture has indoctrinated into us. So we keep trying to do “permaculture” in a hyper-individualistic, consumerist matter. We are doing “cottagecore” instead of “VILLAGEcore.” And we are hogging far more than our share of resources.
  • I strongly believe that decolonizing our minds is an essential step for any of us Anglo/Euro-descendant people who are attempting to practice a truly green way of life. Anyone wanting to join me in this, I recommend you check out my TikTok feed, which I have carefully curated to be packed with brilliant, caring grassroots educators who are passionately dedicated to helping us all learn and practice anti-racism, decolonization, #LandBack, and other genuine cultural evolution! 💚💚💚 @jennynazak on TikTok