Hi there! My name is Jenny Nazak. I’m known in my personal and professional circles for having an extremely low eco-footprint (averaging 10% to 15% of the average U.S. resident’s footprint), while living in a conventional, urban, on-grid home and participating actively in mainstream society.

My background includes training and experience in marketing, permaculture design, writing, and editing. I’ve lived and volunteered on small organic farms; I use a solar oven as my regular oven; I have worked on community composting projects (including humanure composting — it’s super easy and practical). Other areas of expertise that I draw on include foreign cultures (I lived in Tokyo for five years and have traveled all over), ultralight hiking (love Ray Jardine’s philosophy!), and decluttering.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a minor in sociology. At college I also did coursework in marketing and psychology.

Other degrees/certificates include an associate’s degree in graphic design, a Permaculture Design Certificate (actually several different ones), and a certificate in Earth Based Vocations with a focus on solar cooking/renewable energy.

For 10 years I lived in a 19-foot travel trailer in south Austin, which I named the MicroPalace. For most of my life I have lived in adorable tiny apartments.

I now own a 988-square-foot house near the ocean, in my adopted hometown of Daytona Beach, Florida. I mainly occupy one 7×8 room, which serves as my studio and bedroom, leaving two big bedrooms and plenty of space for common areas, bookshelves, and likeminded housemates.

I grew up in a Navy family, and between duty stations, the five of us traveled the country by car, visiting the national parks and other wild spaces that ultimately sparked my eco-activism.

My natural habitat is dense urban settings with plenty of intelligent, creative neighbors. And lots of greenery, particularly native and edible landscaping!

I’m on fire for ultra-low-footprint living, and I’m a “connector” who naturally brings ideas and people together.

Feel free to email me questions or comments about my blog, or low-footprint living in general. (Because of comment-spam, an extremely time- and energy-consuming nuisance affecting blogs, I’ve decided to keep comments turned off at least for now.) You’re also welcome to suggest topics for me to blog about, though I can’t promise I’ll cover every topic suggested.

You’re also welcome to contact me for permaculture design services, permaculture life-coaching, decluttering & organizing services, workshops, writings, and speaking engagements. I offer a variety of permaculture-based services, at fees affordable to people of all income levels.

Jenny Nazak
jnazak at yahoo dot com
(512) 619-5363