upcoming talks & appearances

Following is a partial list of my talks, radio shows, workshops, and other events. I am available to speak on any of these subjects to clubs, neighborhood groups, and other organizations; contact me for more information.


Easy-care Yards: Create Beauty, Save Money, & Help the Environment. Transform your yard from an endless maintenance hassle into an oasis for humans and wildlife with a few simple tips. Talk and slideshow followed by Q&A. Any problems, questions or concerns you have with your lawn / yard, bring them! Topics include edible landscaping, native plants, and how to get your yard certified as a Wildlife Habitat. 

Naturally Cool: Beat the Heat, Help the Environment, and Cut Your Utility Bill. Did you know that home cooling accounts for about 46 percent of your energy bill in summertime? In this presentation I talk about a variety of simple DIY adjustments you can make to keep your home and yourself cooler, while also helping the environment and of course reducing your utility bill! (This talk is part of my “Healthy Living with the Environment” series, which I do on the first Friday each month at Breakers Oceanfront Park Environmental Learning Center, 13 S. Atlantic Avenue, Daytona Beach. Time noon – 1:30pm.)

Other talks in the series so far:

Healthy Living with the Environment: An Introduction to Permaculture Design

Rainwater Harvesting & Waterwise Landscaping, Ocean-Friendly Gardening

Edible Landscaping: Turn Your Yard or Balcony Into a Fresh-Food Zone

Soil 101: Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants, Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Nature Deficit Disorder: What It Is; How It Hurts Us All; How We Cure It.

Coming Up November 1, 2019: Nature Deficit Disorder: What It Is; How It Hurts Us All; How We Cure It. 12 noon – 1:30pm. At Breakers Oceanfront Park, 13 S. Atlantic Ave., Daytona Beach. Free and open to the public.

Coming Up December 11, 2019: Rainwater Harvesting & Ocean-Friendly Gardening 10am at Ormond Beach Library, Ormond Beach FL. Free and open to the public.

Coming Up January 8, 2020: How To Solve the World’s Problems with Your Garden (presentation for a local garden club; this talk can also be tailored to your club, neighborhood, city, or other organization – contact me for bookings)


“Green Daytona” radio show. My “Green Daytona” series airs on the second Wednesday of every month from noon to 1pm EST (U.S.). It’s on the City of Daytona Beach Government radio show, which you can hear every Wednesday during that time slot on WJOY 106.3 FM. (By the way, WJOY is a gospel station, so when the CODB radio show isn’t on, you can hear gospel music and related content.)

Installments in the “Green Daytona” series so far include:

Permaculture, Sustainability, and Low-Footprint Living

Natural Capital

Making Peace with Nature

Green Infrastructure

Soil 101

Nature Deficit Disorder


Rainwater Harvesting & Waterwise Landscaping (workshop at a private residence)

Permaculture Design Basics (half-day workshops in the Daytona Beach area; contact me for dates and locations)


July 5, 2019: Solar Cooking Demo at the Breakers Oceanfront Park Environmental Learning Center, Daytona Beach. Learn about solar cooking and other renewable-energy technologies that will cut your utility bill and increase your household’s disaster-preparedness.

All of these talks and presentations are available by request. I will tailor the content to address your group’s concerns, needs, and goals.