Print books vs. audiobooks

A fellow author commented that they cannot do audiobooks because they can’t concentrate on the audio. Same here.

Yes, people take in information differently. I can’t do audiobooks. (Video news/documentaries either. I find it much easier to read print than wade through a video, even a short video.)

Myself, I am a lifelong, ride-or-die fan of the printed word. Whether the “printed” word is on actual paper or on a screen.

Of course I have a special place in my heart for a physical printed book. However, the availability of ebooks and digitized periodicals on the screen has been extremely life-changing for me as far as enabling me to access much more reading material. So I can deal with the screens as well as the paper!

But, even though I prefer to read visually, I am learning that huge numbers of people greatly prefer audiobooks. And some people would not read a book if it were not available via audio. So I have become a supporter of audiobooks too.

I’m really glad that both print books and audio books are available! For the sake of everyone who loves words and reading.

Just now I did think of another angle to consider. A lot of people are using audiobooks on their long commutes. I am in favor of anything that maximizes time for learning and enjoyment.

(I’m still against long commutes, however. We need to fix our public transportation system, and also retrofit more neighborhoods with the stores, local jobs, and other basics that would enable people to navigate their daily life without having to sit in traffic for hours and hours every day.)

One factor I’m not sure of is eco footprint. The eco footprint of making/shipping a print book versus making and electronically delivering an audiobook. But I wouldn’t want people to not be able to access words just because audio might have a higher footprint. Besides, printing and mailing physical books surely has an enormous footprint. I have a feeling it’s about the same. I will look into this and if I find out something else I will let you know.

Speaking of eco footprint: One thing I will say about reading e-books on my phone, it doesn’t require a light to be turned on in the room, because the book and the flashlight are combined in one unit!