Happy Happy Monday!

No matter how was the rest of the week goes, this is already an amazing week.

1) A highly influential, solidly middle-class fellow Boomer of my acquaintance shared an environmental post when I asked her to please share it publicly on her own page instead of just sharing it w me by DM. This helps contribute to the normalization /de-marginalization of environmental stuff.

2) We now know for sure that Guantánamo Ron is not going to get into the White House in 2024. Yes, other challenges lie ahead most certainly, but that’s one big worry cleared out of the way.

3) I found a couple of really cool ethical micro-investments, helping tiny businesses and creative ventures. A comedy horror film about the service industry; and a café that has long served as a safe space for LGBTQIA people and the kink community.

4) I am hand-sewing a really cool bag out of upcycled junk fabric scraps right now!

5) Probably there’s some other stuff too. It just feels like a happy happy Monday. Hope things are going well in your world too!!