Turn your “side hustle” into a hot green trade!

First, let me start off by saying that I find the term “side hustle” extremely obnoxious. For one thing, it’s such an artifact of hamster-wheel capitalism.

For another thing, often people’s “side hustles” are far more joyful and meaningful to them, more enriching to their neighborhoods/communities, and better for the planet than the main “J-O-B” they feel forced to keep just to scrape by and pay the bills. My goal is for more people to be able to turn their beloved “side hustles” into their main occupation, instead of having to toil most of the week at some much less fulfilling “main job.”

(If you love your “main job” too, this does not apply to you. Unless you are starting to feel like your main job is bad for the planet and you want to pursue a more regenerative livelihood.)

So I’m not keen on the phrase “side hustle.” But, there is the advantage that when I use this phrase, most of you probably know what I mean.

Also, there is a chance that my use of this term in the title of a blog post might capture some algorithm or other and catapult my microblog into mass popularity. (Not that I necessarily need or want this little niche blog to be catapulted into mass popularity — that has its own hazards. But this cozy little moss-grown pond of a word-tank going viral might serve the greater good, and at the end of the day I am out to serve the greater good.)

To be continued … (I am writing on the fly from one of my ad hoc micro offices. Talk with you again very soon!)