A “recycling mall”

ReTuna Ã…terbruksgalleria is the world’s first recycling mall, revolutionizing shopping in a climate-smart way. Old items are given new life through repair and upcycling. Everything sold is recycled or reused or has been organically or sustainably produced.”

Love this!

I actually think things like this can be a key part of (re)development in our cities & counties, and that they will attract tourists as well as helping to address basic local waste issues.

As a bonus: The more cool interesting development like this we are able to make happen, the more effectively we inoculate ourselves against undesirable massive projects from outsiders who don’t really have a stake in the wellbeing of our community.

Especially as a coastal community, something like this would be a wonderful addition. I would like to see it in one of the empty endless store fronts on the A1A even! Or maybe Main Street.

It would spawn an array of crafts people and artisans I’m sure!

BTW there is a similarly oriented establishment in Austin Texas, known as Austin Creative Reuse.

They offer fun DIY workshops in addition to taking in “waste” materials and selling upcycled one-of-a-kind items.