Toxic positivity

The environmental situation is bad. Really bad. In Florida, and all over the world. And toxic positivity will not help.

Dear Friends and Fellow Activists:
Recently I made a post on Facebook that came across as promoting toxic positivity and dismissing the concerns of a fellow activist who has deep, detailed knowledge and first-hand experience about the environmental and political situation in Florida.

I did not mean to promote toxic positivity, and did not mean to dismiss the feelings of this fellow activist, and others who are very knowledgeable about the situation and have deep first-hand experience.

I have removed the post wherever I could access it, and I apologize for being careless and insensitive in my communication. (I will be apologizing to the person(s) directly as well.)

We are all in this together. And we all care about the environment, and are working hard to fix the problems. But the fact is, our efforts may not succeed, for a variety of reasons. It may be too late. And we always have to acknowledge that possibility.

The situation is extremely bad. And despair, hopelessness, anger, frustration, and any number of other “negative” feelings are not an inappropriate response to that reality. I myself feel all those things on a constant daily basis.