Question on winterizing a second home

(post topic tags: second home; goodwill; community-building)

Here’s another question that came “from the wild” this week. An Internet acquaintance posted this on FB, and I took it upon myself to insert my eco/permaculturist perspective even though I’m pretty sure the questioner is a civilian.

Q: “Any tips on winterizing a house? First time and going to be working on winterizing a house in Maine. Seems like a steep learning curve for someone from Florida.”

My initial response: “Why is a person from Florida winterizing a house in Maine if you’re not going to live in it? I know, I’m nosy but I just can’t help it! I guess what I would do if I were in that position is get help from locals.”

Their response to my response: “We are buying a second home.”

And my answer: “Oh. In that case, I would probably pay a local to do the winterizing work (and/or pay them to show me how), and also allow a local to stay on the property rent-free as caretaker.”