Asynchronous following

It struck me today: Never underestimate the potential for asynchronous following!

This is for all of you who are out there trying to help situations in the world by communicating via writing or any other medium; and who sometimes get discouraged when your efforts do not seem to be reaching very many people.

As someone who has only ever had a micro following, I sometimes feel disappointed and guilty that I am not really reaching people and not really being effective.

However, one thing I have been noticing is that posts, and radio shows and so on, often have a persistent existence. Many things are stored online. And oftentimes, I will notice somebody “liking” something that I have posted or has been recorded some months or some years back.

So, being that the real goal is not to have followers per se just to feel like a celebrity, but to actually make a difference, this is very encouraging and it’s something worth reminding oneself.

Audience reach is not just a thing in that moment; it’s a thing that extends over the axis of time as well.