Financial investment question

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This one is “from the wild,” so to speak; someone in my circles posted this on their personal page and I took it upon myself to provide my answer.

Question: “What brokerage do you use/prefer for your financial management and investments? I’m deciding between Schwab and Fidelity.”

My response:

Because of certain eco-spiritual beliefs that I hold, I completely refrain from investing in financial instruments. (Especially anything tied to Wall Street.)

However, I have a Permaculture design colleague who has done some deep research into ethical investing options, including many localized investment funds etc., and I think you and many other people in our shared circles might find it helpful to check out her website.

Laura Oldanie offers a huge wealth of free content too, along with her books and classes and personalized sessions. Visit her at Rich Resilient Living,

As Laura words it: “I teach reluctant capitalists how to cultivate true wealth & financial resilience on a climate challenged planet.”