A Degrowth presidential candidate!

Don’t look now but it looks like we have a #Degrowth – minded candidate for president!

(Copy-pasted from The Great Simplification group)

Breaking News! GrowthBusters executive director Dave Gardner will be announcing his candidacy for US President in 2024!

I’m running for U.S. President so I can tell the public the truth about why our system is failing us and our continued existence on the planet is so tenuous. It’s an emergency that calls for clear, decisive, leadership and all-hands-on-deck action. This is not a time for compromise and half-steps. We will make no more dead-planet decisions. Only bright-future pathways will be chosen.

On day one I’ll declare a national emergency and mobilize government, business, media and the public in an urgent project to shrink our nation’s ecological footprint:

  • contract GDP
  • decarbonize and go on an energy diet
  • work less
  • consume less
  • support and accelerate the current trend toward choosing smaller families

We’ll implement new priorities and programs. We’ll build a healthy 21st century economy based not on growth and ever-increasing material wealth, but on needs met and partnership with nature.

We’ll come together to ensure full employment and food and shelter for all. We’ll nurture community-level collaboration. We’ll soon discover the joy of ending our enslavement to the rat race of an outdated grow-at-any-cost paradigm.

Some thoughts I have:

Here in the USA when people vote for a candidate outside the two major parties, they often get accused of spoiling the election because we’re supposed to be voting for the less bad candidate in the established parties. It’s always a dilemma. However I am still happy at this news! I guess I always hold out hope that someone like this could become a running mate of someone one of the more progressive candidates in one of the main parties.

His only political experience is running for office in his local area. As far as I’m concerned that’s fine (after all, look where longtime political insiders have gotten us), as long as he knows how to assemble teams and work with people.

Further Exploration:

Dave Gardner website: https://davetheplanet2024.com

New Candidate for US President Wants To Shrink Economy (news provided by Dave Gardner for president election committee; to prnewswire.com)

• A live Campaign Launch Webcast is planned for September 19. https://streamyard.com/watch/ZuiMPhgbxJFY Public and press are invited to attend and ask questions.