Public service announcement: Covid still exists. I think most of us have noticed that there has been a resurgence.

Tested positive yesterday morn. All week I have had what I thought was the flu, but the past 2 days I had been feeling better: able to move around, do writing tasks, do work in my outdoor landscaping showroom, go for a dip in the ocean.

But suddenly this morning I noticed that I couldn’t smell or taste anything, so I took a test.

Next time anyone thinks I’m being too cautious for suggesting that it’s best to stick to virtual and/or outdoor mode for gatherings, I’m going to remember this day!!

People in most other parts of the world manage to have church services and business meetings and all sorts of other events outdoors — we can too!

And for people who say it’s not the same when it’s not in person, oh well. The Supreme Court managed to hold deliberations by telephone; we can manage to do stuff without being face-to-face.

People are always like wahhh wahhh but I miss seeing people; wahh wahh It’s not the same by Zoom etc.

It may not be the same, but I’ll take it!! Better than ending up in the hospital.

Plus I see tons of people every day. Plenty of human contact. People who aren’t seeing people just maybe need to go outside more.

And yes I am hard-core isolating to avoid spreading germs.

Peace out everyone, and hoping you stay Covid-free! This stuff is nothing to mess with even if you are usually healthy.

PS. Although I have not enjoyed losing my senses of taste and smell, I have noticed one very beneficial effect. And that is that I am less likely to eat more than my body needs. If I can’t taste things, then it becomes more obvious to me when my stomach is full. It’s kind of cool only having one variable to concentrate on, instead of additionally having my taste buds giving me feedback that sometimes conflicts with the fullness of my stomach ha ha. I have been having to pay more attention to portion size over the past couple of years, as I get older and my digestion becomes more sensitive. So maybe I can look at this Covid spell as a temporary training period for “sensible eating practices for a middle-aged body.”