If money were no object

A friend posted, “If you were handed $5 billion right now, what would you still never buy?”

Lots of things.

Bottled water.
Airline tickets. Wall Street investments.
A sodgrass lawn. Rural acreage. A house in the suburbs.

But more importantly, if I were handed $5 million, the matter of its disposal would be very urgent, because surplus money, especially a huge sum like that, can function like a toxic oil-spill.

For starters, I would probably make a bunch of out-of-town buy-and-hold landlords offers they couldn’t refuse on their vacant commercial buildings and beachfront lots. And I would liberate those buildings and lots. The buildings I would give to young people to start businesses. The oceanfront empty lots I would make publicly accessible as dune wildlife parks.

I would spring a bunch of people out of their mortgages and student loans too.

And I would definitely want to start that potato-chip factory I’m always dreaming about.