Great reasons not to fly

I am compiling an ongoing list of compelling reasons not to fly.

Airline Close Calls Happen Far More Often Than Previously Known.

• The seats are incredibly unpleasant. I am an average-sized person and I still find the legroom incredibly tight and the seats incredibly narrow. Ouch!!

• Security checkpoint etc. What a complete hassle! Not being able to bring any beverages in; having bottles of lotion and things confiscated — because <cue B-movie villain voice> “With this tiny 2-ounce bottle of lotion or non-TSA-compliant size of toothpaste tube, I shall rule the WORLD!” Geez! Taking the bus or train is such a breeze compared to this. It always feels to me like the extra hours needed to travel by land are worth it in exchange for eliminating airport hassle and check-in time.

• Extreme Karen culture pervades airports and airplanes. The atmosphere on buses and trains seems a bit more human. Not that no one ever complains or starts stuff on Amtrak or the ‘Hound, but overall the atmosphere is a lot more basic plain decent human, we’re-all-in-this-together.

• List in progress — If you have a favorite item, feel free to send it my way! And let’s depopularize compulsive flying.