Wildness of the heart


“We tend to think of wildness as being something beyond the frontier of a normal human life, out there ‘in nature’ — in the African bush, in the mountains of Alaska, or across the broad oceans, but all of us who have had times of great joy or untrammeled grief have felt a kind of wildness of the heart in those moments. A sense that the edges of our sense of self are fraying and falling away into something to begin with, unrecognizable, with its own rules and compelling nature far beyond our everyday comprehension. Absolute joy and absolute grief are states that almost always result from powerful states of compelling attention: a birth, a long-anticipated reunion, or the bereft, desolate state of losing a loved one. But a more sustained sense of the wilder edge of things in the everyday, outside of these subversive and compelling moments thrust upon us against our will, comes from the willingness and the practiced ability to give deep attention to people and things other than ourselves.”
— Eric Brown

(Note: The above is an excerpt that really spoke to me, from a longer post by my friend and fellow “FREE” Book author Eric; you can read the post in full here.)

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