Cooking in the driveway

Multitasking!! Or, as we say in permaculture design, “stacking functions” or “multiple functions served by one element.”

Functions served:

  • Cooking food! (pot of soup made with local veggies, spices, + some nonvegetarian scrap ingredients that would otherwise have been thrown away)
  • Eco PR! Using my high-profile driveway on a heavily foot-trafficked street to publicize solar cooking, solar energy (yes! solar energy other than photovoltaic is a major thing, and is way underutilized!).
  • Evidence of homebased presence helps to create a safe, friendly atmosphere for the neighborhood.

Side note: The “STOP” sign might seem excessively stern, but over the years we have found it to be necessary, as too many people were mistaking the residents’ personal space for a public area. Over time I have found that setting clear boundaries is actually a kindness, and is part of creating healthy safe community.

See pix here, in my post in the Transformative Adventures group.