Cellphone flashlight: useful & pleasant, candle-like interior light

With all the badmouthing our cellphones get, they sure can do a lot for us!

With this tiny device I travel to distant lands; access libraries; take courses and workshops; attend international conferences; have a coffee or cocktail with friend or family; have business meetings with geographically scattered colleagues; communicate with elected officials; do my part to publicize beneficial businesses and social movements.

Oh, and of course produce my own content too: articles, books, slide presentations, artworks, videos.

All without leaving the comfort of my home and neighborhood!

But there’s one built-in function of our phones that’s much more ordinary, yet a great boon to my life: the built-in flashlight! I use it to provide a level of illumination that’s enough to see by for basic early morning or late-evening tasks in my room (getting dressed, going to the kitchen to fill up my water-glass etc.), while being unobtrusive and not bright and glaring.

My housemates and I all have similar sleeping patterns: early to rise; mostly early to bed. So we don’t usually have to worry that we’ll bother each other with bright lights. But, I do find the candlelight-level light from my phone to be very pleasing to ME: convenient and ambient in the early mornings or late evenings.

For extra nice illumination I set the phone on top of an empty clear glass jar or empty drinking-glass (or just about any flat-topped transparent container or even translucent container), light-side down.

I do enjoy actual candlelight on a regular basis for illumination too of course! But there are times when the phone flashlight makes more sense, such as when I only need a few minutes of light, or when I know I will need to leave the room for periods longer than a second or two.

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