How To Make Fun of White Supremacists

Hey everyone! Found this gem while searching for “how to make fun of white supremacists”:

“Germany is not America. For one, neo-Nazis aren’t allowed to carry assault rifles through the streets there, let alone display swastikas. But we do have similar examples of humor being used to counteract fascists in the United States. In 2012, a “white power” march in Charlotte, N.C., was met with counterprotesters dressed as clowns. They held signs reading “wife power” and threw “white flour” into the air. … By undercutting the gravitas white supremacists are trying to accrue, humorous counterprotests may blunt the events’ usefulness for recruitment. Brawling with bandanna-clad antifas may seem romantic to some disaffected young men, but being mocked by clowns? Probably not so much.”

And let’s be clear: The anti-Semitic demonstrations seen most recently in Ormond & Daytona are WHITE SUPREMACY. Anti-Semitism is a subset of white supremacy. BTW there was a “white power” rally in Deleon Springs last year. (The sheriff & police chiefs were alerted of the event & kept close watch to ensure there was no physical violence. BUT, hate speech IS violence. And white supremacy IS violence.)


PS. I just got an idea. What if we started organizing comedy shows that make fun of white supremacy? Standup comedy; skits; improv. Hmm …