FRESH Book Festival

My table at the FRESH Book Festival this weekend will include a carefully curated browsing library of a very select few of my top favorite books on DEEP GREEN living!

I will also be offering a limited-edition special printing of 50 copies of DEEP GREEN for sale — had not planned to print more, but it seems like people still want the print version even though I made the text available to read for free on my blog (which i did after the Covid shutdowns, to support people in navigating the challenging economy with creativity & joy).

And, I will also have available for sale, fresh off the presses, five copies of the Growing FREE book (Financial Resilience & Economic Empowerment), authored by Mike Hoag and Laura Oldanie, with myself and Eric Brown and Jason Padvorac as contributors.

The book festival is this coming Friday & Saturday! And the film festival is tomorrow evening – Thurs! Locals, Get your tickets & make plans to attend this incredibly rich, WORLD-CLASS festival!