Stop War Already

By traveling into a war zone, how many people did he jeopardize needlessly; how many resources were commandeered to protect him — etc etc etc.

To me this is just more U.S. hubris, vanity, self-serving. It’s easy to point the finger at the “bad guy” — but we the USA expanded NATO after pledging not to, so … (Added later: Actually there’s disagreement as to whether we broke a pledge. Some say yes, others say no. BUT, I tend to trust what Veterans for Peace says; admittedly I am biased.)

War serves governments & corporations.

The USA needs a true progressive candidate but I am skeptical that can happen. (Although I myself have anarchist leanings, I also find a lot of common ground with progressives.)

Democrats are as entrenched in vested interests as Republicans, in their own way.
Dems nowadays are conservative & authoritarian, while Repubs are reactionary & totalitarian. Less-entrenched is still not desirable.

And they’re all burning a lot of jet fuel and other resources (cognitive as well as fossil). I wish we (humans) could unanimously declare war on the destruction of the biosphere. Our life-support system.

Back to war tho — it’s just so sad that in our lifetimes we are back to the same old same old. Things were good w Russia; the USSR had dissolved but Russia seemed OK, we had peace, no more Cold War “scary Russia” thing … “Duck and cover” under our elementary-school desks back in the 60s; constant sense of nuclear dread as a kid in the 70s … but then an era came when the threat receded or vanished.

But now we are back to this old pattern. “Scary Russia”; looming threat of massive war between US and Russia. What set Russia off, I wonder; what got them scared again if not something we did to make them feel threatened?