Hi All! Power is back on at our place, so if anyone needs to charge a phone or make a smoothie etc come on by.

I’m happy for everyone that the electricity is back on, but to be honest if it were only me, I’d be pretty happy to have at the streetlights out permanently (or most of them
anyway)! I enjoyed such a gorgeous dark starry walk to the beach in the wee hours. The darkness was luscious and emphasized the moon and stars.

And in other news — while the power was down, the solar oven got quite a workout, using up food from our freezer and fridge! Bacon-wrapped chicken, bacon-wrapped burger; casserole of peas, potatoes, pastrami & onion!

Could this be the year that my fellow Volusians finally listen to me about solar ovens? (And rainwater collection)?

I have used a solar oven as my main cooking oven since 2006. Not just for times of disaster! The even heat makes the food taste extra delicious.

Stay safe everyone!!

Here’s a pic of our sun-cooked feast.