Verbiage for political posts

If you prefer not to see my posts on politics and social equity issues, please adjust your settings accordingly. Or if you don’t know how to do that, send me a private message and I will set my filters so you don’t see my posts of this kind.

All views are welcome here. That said, emotions can run high when discussing controversial issues. Everyone choosing to participate in discussions on my page must be civil, respectful, not attacking, not condescending etc. If in doubt, please set your filters (or ask me to set my filters for you). Or, you can simply scroll past my political posts and just enjoy the variety of other posts I make.

Love you all!


I wrote this and added it as a preface to my FB post about immigrants/Vineyardgate, and will probably use it as a standard preface for all “hot issues” posts I make on my personal page. If you like it you are welcome to use it on your own page; adapt as you see fit.

You are also welcome to use/adapt the following, which is compiled from comments I wrote in response to a couple of people who commented in a hostile or condescending manner. This verbiage emerged from my desire to find a more constructive way to handle “unfriendly” comments from “Facebook friends who are strangers.”

Maybe we can find common ground about something other than politics. You might resonate with some of the other posts on my page. And, I checked out your page and have found some great stuff! Will Like and respond as time allows.

And the following is in response to a comment from someone who’s a friend “in real life” (and a very kind person who has gone out of her way to help many many people, and animals too) but we have a lot of very differing views. She commented on my post, “You don’t wanna know what I think.” My reply:

I have a pretty good idea what you think. You and I have always known we have different views on many political, economic, and social issues. If you prefer, I can set a filter so my political posts don’t show up in your feed. <heart emoji> And, thank you for being a friend and a great person. Love you!