Community phone-charging station

This grassroots action [small table with power-strip set up in front of my house, with extension cord plugged in inside the house] embodies the following principles of permaculture design (here I’m using the Mollison framework; one could also just as well apply the Holmgren framework):

  • observation
  • relative location
  • redundancy
  • small-scale solutions
  • stacking functions

and the following ETHICs of permaculture design:

  • care of the Earth
  • care of people and other living things
  • limit consumption; share surplus

… and possibly more principles too; this is just what I thought of off top of my head.

References you can check out if you have questions about any of the terms I have used in this post and want to delve more deeply:

  • Introduction to Permaculture (book by Bill Mollison)
  • Google; there’s lots of websites out there explaining the principles & ethics of permaculture design!
  • I also recommend taking a PDC; there are MANY options out there: online and in-person; tuition-based, donation-based, and free 💚

PS. Initially I set up this little charging-station for people who still don’t have power after the hurricane, but I think I’m going to have it be an ongoing thing! Lots of people I see and say hi to each day don’t have places to live, and therefore don’t have reliable access to electricity.

#Solidarity #MutualAid #Grassroots #Revolution