Flexibility; accommodating migration

‪The governor of FL’s shipping people out of state is not only inhumane but short-sighted. And frankly, RUDE.

This occurred to me: If/when large numbers of Floridians become (for example) climate refugees & try to migrate to other states or countries, are we going to expect the people there to welcome us? ‬With each passing year, with increasing natural disasters and all, people everywhere are only going to become more pressed to migrate in order to adapt; we need to be MORE accommodating & flexible to migration, not less. It seems to me that it behooves us to be welcoming; we might well find ourselves in the same position someday.

“… To protect the people of Florida,” he says.

WHITEwash, more like!

Funny, I a white woman do not feel “protected” by this ghoul. #NotInMyName #UnpackWhiteSupremacy #DecolonizeOurMinds