Accompaniment to my humorous yet serious grass-rant video

Seriously our national mowing fetish is SO gross and noisy in addition to wasting resources. And he (because it’s almost always a HE, isn’t it — I love men just fine, but honestly sometimes those of you fellow caucasians who are equipped with Y chromosomes have some really annoying tendencies such as idolatry of large mechanized equipment) — And he hasn’t even started in with the edger and leafblower yet, which are even noisier and produce more fumes.

Oh yay now he just started with the giant outdoor noisemaker/vacuum cleaner, whoops I mean leafblower. Ladies, can you imagine if men were this obsessive and diligent about vacuuming floors or picking up socks?? 😂🥰

This is a HUGE vacant lot. We should be letting empty unused lots revert to meadow or forest! Maybe we even need to be incentivizing it, as heat-island effects from excess paving and deforestation continue to worsen.

#GrassKissers please PLEASE for the love of God/dess find a new hobby!!

Go fishing! Go to church! Or hey here’s an idea: PLANT SOMETHING USEFUL like fruits & veggies.

And while we’re on this subject, a note for those of you men who are pleading HOAs and codes as reasons why The Grass Must Be Mowed Period Always Forever Before Anything Else: We could use for more of you men to help with challenging the HOAs and other power structure, as opposed to continuing to uphold it. The powers-that-be will listen to you guys far more than they will listen to us women.

#LawnResistanceTalkingPoints #SaveTheBees #RespectTheWildflowers #SaveTheEarthDontShaveTheEarth #DEEPGREENlawnmemes

Here is a link to the one-minute vid; you might have to Friend me on Facebook to be able to view it.

Getting comments on the FB post already — interestingly enough, from men who rarely if ever come to my page let alone comment!

Here’s my response to one guy (who happens to be a friend):

Reread my comment. NOT man-bashing. You know me better than that.

And re fines and fees: Part of what I would like men to do, is help us FIX (as in dismantle) the fines and fees that support, nay actually REQUIRE, unfair, ugly, eco-destructive practices. Instead, too many of you keep upholding this nonsense. You make our job harder bc the powers-that-be won’t listen to us women the way they will
listen to you!!

And in response to a comment from another guy, re HOAs etc.: Yes sir I am well aware of that. Part of changing things is working to change THAT. Which I am, diligently, on many fronts. We could use for more men to help with challenging the power structure as opposed to continuing to uphold it.

tagging my eco femme comrades-in-arms Kris Tollefsen-Cunningham Elizabeth Lavette Wendy B. Anderson

and a special THANK YOU to the guys out there who ARE helping us challenge the sodgrass hegemony, and all other loathesome manifestations of colonialism and quiet creeping fascism Dennis Hamilton Mike Hoag William Mantz Alan McGill and others 💚

In response to an eco-minded friend who shared a link to a group about mowing with electric instead of gas-powered: Thanks! But you are right — I’m into manualizing, or having it done by goats sheep & cows (yes we can do that in urban spaces too — people have for centuries) — plus either keeping mowing to a tiny bare minimum or else eliminating it entirely. Batteries/electric are less noisy but bring more problems. And, same as gas-powered lawn-appliances, they perpetuate the legitimization of fussbudget vanity-landscaping that is wrecking communities and the planet. PS. I am getting my antique scythe sharpened this week — finally found someone who can do it!