2021 Climate News Wrap-Up

“The Year in Climate News” — looking back over 2021. A lot happened.

2021 was yet another year that felt like five. … Before summer had even begun, drought, heat and fires had already torn across the West. … Despite inaccurate claims from Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, we explained: No, the reason for the blackouts was not frozen wind turbines. The main problem was frigid temperatures that stalled natural gas production, which is responsible for the majority of Texas’ power supply. Fast forward to early June, when it wasn’t technically summer yet, but the American Southwest was already baking and drying up.”

The Year in Climate News
A lot happened this year. Jog your memory with stories compiled by The New York Times climate desk.

To get where we want to go, we need to know where we are and have been. Thank you always to the New York Times for its climate coverage.