New Year Party Invitation

💚🎊🎉 Dear Friends! Please don’t spend this last day of 2021 alone! (unless you want to). YOU are invited … to a worldwide New Year’s gathering all day starting right now!! The Deep Adaptation* New Year’s gathering is happening for 24 hours (starting about 4 hours ago), and it is wonderful! Chatting & socializing with collapse-aware companions all across the globe. I just had coffee and hung out for about an hour and a half with deeply likeminded people, good music. ☕️🎵🎶☮️

I will be going in & out all day as my work flow permits. See Zoom invite below! Such a friendly wholesome way to ring out the old year and welcome the new. Hope to see you there!! As I have mentioned on this blog, I’ve been involved with Deep Adaptation for awhile and draw a lot of sustenance from this group of compassionate, aware, and sensitive humans. 💚💚💚

* Deep Adaptation is a concept, agenda, and international social movement. It presumes that extreme weather events and other effects of climate change will increasingly disrupt food, water, shelter, power, and social and governmental systems. These disruptions would likely or inevitably cause uneven societal collapse in the next few decades. The word “deep” indicates that strong measures are required to adapt to an unraveling of western industrial lifestyles. The agenda includes values of nonviolence, compassion, curiosity, and respect, and a framework for constructive action.” (Wikipedia)

You are invited to attend the DAF 2022 Global Countdown event – which has just started, and will keep going for another 24 hours! 🙂

Here’s the Zoom link to join:

Volunteers and participants in the Deep Adaptation Forum are planning various activities over this time, from music to readings and conversations. See the evolving programme here. We will also be sharing this slideshow, which presents an overview of the activities of various DAF groups and circles.

Do feel free to jump in at any time, and for any amount of time, to meet whoever is online, and have a drink and/or a chat.