New Year’s Intentions

Happy New Year to you! Got any special intentions or aspirations for 2022?

One of my intention/aspirations is to gather what I would call a “life-pod”!! Micro intentional seaside urban community, generating abundance, adapting in place.
I have just updated my post in the DA Connections group (Facebook) to include the term “life-pod.” And I’m copy-pasting that Facebook post below for you guys, and will be adding some extra details to it here.

I Am Seeking: Friendship/Community. Specifically, a “life pod” of longterm housemates (or very close neighbors). Maybe 3 to 5 people besides myself. Could include couples. Oriented around principles and ethics of Deep Adaptation, permaculture design, radical reduction. And, arts, creativity, financial resilience, occupational freedom. And last but definitely NOT least: anti-racism; de-colonization.

And, if a romantic connection happens for me, that’d be fine too but it isn’t my primary focus (though I take joy in helping other people find whatever connections they seek). Our plans as a life-pod would include pooling stuff and finances to the degree that we are comfortable (my house is fully furnished with stuff that’s ready to share); developing portability and resilience to be able to move to another geographic location together if circumstances absolutely required it, but basically being committed to adapting and building community in place; being in service to our wider community.

I’m almost 60 but open to any-age, multi-generational community, possibly including a “joint tenancy in common” of the house. I occupy my place (I’m getting away from the term “own” for various reasons) mortgage-free, and it is a sweet place on 1/10 acre where I’m cultivating native plants and a micro forest which includes some food for humans. Household expenses are very low, promoting occupational freedom and ample leisure time for residents.

Gender/orientation: cis-het female; she/her; enjoy sharing space with people of all ages and genders.

My Location: a seaside neighborhood in the historic urban core of Daytona Beach, Florida USA. I love city life, and intend to always continue living in urban spaces.

Seeking Deep Adaptation/permaculture/collapse-aware folks who live in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, or are willing to move here! To explore and navigate what collapse might mean for us, and help build our community’s resilience.

My house is a laboratory for low-footprint living. I practice hardcore water conservation, play games of “how low can you go” with electricity consumption, compost everything I can, etc etc etc! It’s fun, and I enjoy sharing with housemates and friends who want to experience and practice this lifestyle.

There’s no hope for any future without community. And even if we could survive without each other, there’d be no joy and no point in it. (BTW speaking of joy, if by chance you play Bananagrams, that’d be a huge plus, as my family, who I love playing Bananagrams with, lives a 16-hour train ride from me!)

If this sounds interesting and you want to get more of an idea of whether we might have life-pod compatibility, give me a shout! You can also check out my various channels besides this blog (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, TikTok etc.) to get an idea of what I’m like as a person and if we might click.

And, if you’re not already familiar with the following, you might find it helpful to check out Riot for Austerity (90 Percent Reduction Challenge); Deep Adaptation; permaculture design principles and ethics; Transition Towns movement; bioregionalism. (Not only to get an idea of me, but for your own benefit as well!)

Besides seeking a life-pod, I am also simply seeking similarly minded people in my geographic area (within about 6 miles / 10 kilometers of downtown Daytona Beach) who’d want to meet up (outdoors) and weave a wider regional community support network.