Instant Magnetic “Wall Space”!

Itty bitty ZW project success!! I needed additional space to hang posters, cards, etc. in my adorable tiny bedroom/studio/office. My cabinets are not magnetic.

And my walls are made of impenetrable stuff that you can’t drive a nail or screw into (without masonry bit, power drill and other stuff I did not want to buy).

So … Awhile back I hit upon the idea of taking the tops of steel cans (from used-up cans of veggies — also the bottoms from Pringles potato chip tubes), mounting them onto the cabinet doors (by punching 2 holes in them and screwing them onto the cabinet w short screws), and then using a magnet to hold the desired paper or fabric object in place. Today I finally got around to it! Am loving my functional extra “wall space”!

Sometimes an itty bitty improvement like this can bring such a huge smile to my face!

Here’s a photo of what I did.

You could also do this by screwing the steel can parts or other magnetic metal directly into the wall, if you have walls that you’re able to drive nails or screws into.

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