Advice to a Collapse-Aware Parent Worried About Their Child’s Chosen Field of Study

Q: HELP: My kid is majoring in digital marketing and visual media! (Or art, or English etc. — insert “major that seems unstable from a parent’s perspective” here.)

A: Oh wow!! Visual arts and digital marketing can actually be a wonderful major right now!! — among the top skillsets for communicating the urgency of world problems and helping to effect change, help people and the planet.

Spoken as someone whose supposedly “useless” English Lit major and Sociology minor, and psych & marketing courses, and associate’s degree in commercial art back in the 80s, have all turned out to be PERFECT and exactly what I need for my work as an activist and permaculture teacher/speaker!!

And also, ask yourself: Is there a particular subject you would rather your child study? If so, what is it and why?