A New Approach To Those Mysterious Bloglink Requests

Any of you folks with a blog ever receive these emails from random people/websites? I used to find them annoying but have devised a happy new way of responding! This is about the fifth or sixth time now that I have responded in similar manner to such an email.

Who knows, maybe someday someone will take me up on it and pony up some cash! In the meantime, I feel I am finally standing up and defending my honor <wink>. Random Blog-groupie spammers, make an honest woman of me or begone! <gleeful laughter> #CrossMyPalmWithSilver

The letter

2021/12/14 12:14、Helen —- <last name left out as a courtesy; email addy and URL left out to avoid giving free publicity to random stranger asking me to link her content for free>

Dear Jenny,

Just following up one last time to make sure we don’t get missed in your inbox.

Is there anything preventing you from citing our guide to streaming services here on your page your page your page at Jenny Nazak?

I’m always interested in actionable feedback so please feel free to be candid.

Best wishes,

Helen —–
Outreach Manager

Don’t want emails from us anymore? Reply to this email with the word “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line.
Incognito Mode LLC, 1013 Centre Road, Suite 403S, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, 19805, United States

My reply:

Dear Helen,

My current rate for advertising on my blog (I categorize link-sharing as a form of advertising) is $100 per week.

If my asking you to pay for a presence on my site sounds audacious to you, consider this: You were drawn to my blog for some reason! You found me, and you somehow find value in the idea of being mentioned on my site.

If this interests you, I can accept payment by PayPal at this email address, or I can take your credit-card number over the phone. (I can accept Zelle and CashApp too, but for security reasons I don’t make those available to strangers over the internet unless we have a realtime phone conversation first.)

Thank you for your persistent interest in my blog. I must say I have worked hard to build it thus far, and I plan to keep up my hard work, as I keep hearing from readers that it is making a difference in their lives.

Happy Holidays and all the best to you!

Jenny Nazak
DEEP GREEN book & blog