Video Interview at My House

Yesterday, I had the honor of being video-interviewed at my home by Dr. J. Cho, a professor of Environmental Science at Bethune-Cookman University here in Daytona Beach. She set out to capture a slice of my version of “deep green” lifestyle.

Dr. Cho is leading the Halifax River Urban Watershed initiative. She and her students are testing and documenting the effectiveness of native plants, living shorelines, and other nature-based solutions for mitigating stormwater and nutrient runoff. They are doing great things and are taking into account the economic and social wellbeing aspects as well as the ecological.

If you enjoy the video, please Like and share and subscribe to Dr. Cho’s channel. She’s going to be posting lots of great examples of green initiatives happening all over the region. And as you probably know, what happens with Florida watersheds affects the whole country!

Here is Dr. Cho’s video of me at my abode, implementing one work-in-progress version of an effort at regenerative landscaping.