So Many Ways To Live Sustainably

I am still hearing a lot of people express feelings of guilt about not doing enough, not doing what this or that person is doing, etc. One of the main points of my book is that there are many many ways to live a low-footprint life. It is sometimes hard for me to get that point across.

So — Maybe it’s time for someone else’s perspective. I really appreciated this article, 101 Ways To Live Sustainably ( .

The urgency to rise to a global challenge like the climate crisis can often feel overwhelming, like nothing we can do as individuals will ever be enough. Yet even the biggest movements began with small, localized actions—which is why we’ve made a list of 101 steps that anyone can take toward achieving a more sustainable future.

A unique feature of this article is that it lets you browse by category: In Your Home; In Your Community; Wherever You Go; Through Your Lifestyle; For the Future.

Hope you find it helpful!