Housekeeping Note: Yahoo Groups Shutting Down

This is for any of you who have been participating in the 90 Percent Reduction Yahoo Group. Yahoo is shutting down its web-based Groups feature. All content will be deleted in mid-December. The group had not been very active recently, but in past years it served the Riot for Austerity movement well, as a forum for exchanging high-quality information and moral support.

Change happens in life, and we roll with it. The Riot for Austerity Facebook group is still alive and well as a forum for us to share ideas interactively. Activity on the Facebook group dropped off earlier this year, when one of our more active members became extremely worried about online footprint and stopped posting to it. But with the Yahoo group gone, I expect at least some people will gravitate back to the Facebook group. I would love to see more of you on there, and hope you will join our community if you haven’t already.

A word about online footprint. For sure, our online activities have a footprint. Our smartphones and computers are just the tip of the iceberg; the real energy hog is the servers required to transmit, store, and otherwise manage our billions of bytes. But, just like all other aspects of our lives, we can make our online activities RIOT-compatible. The benefit of networking and sharing information is worth the footprint of internet use, as long as we keep it within reason.

I wrote a series of posts about online footprint; will dig them up later for you. OK, here you go: Online Footprint Part 1 of 2; Online Footprint part 2 of 2

On that note, what if anything have any of you noticed about your online footprint? And how are you keeping yours within reason? Me, I have gotten more focused and deliberate about my online time, and even though I use Facebook and other internet channels primarily for work, I make a point of spending several hours a day unplugged from internet.