Shoulder bag renovation / replacement

At some point during Bike Week, it became official that my bag (left) was officially too tattered and holey to safely carry my money, phone & things. I decided not to try to add any more patches, reinforcements, layers, etc., as much fun as it had been over the years. And as much character as it had gotten.

So today I swapped the strap (and of course my silverware and cup) onto a different bag, which I put together today out of an old bag someone threw away, plus some canvas scraps I had.

You may notice on the old tattered bag some Velcro squares. Those are still good and I will be salvaging them before I compost the bag, you bet!

All of this material was diverted from landfill. I did not have to buy any of it!! (Actually correction, I did originally buy the green fake leather bag a few years back. From a locally owned biker shop on Main Street that I enjoy.)

In addition to being fun and practical way to be creative, sewing is a form of mental health therapy for me. Helps me get calm and grounded, focused on what’s in front of me. Before I started working on this bag I was anxious about some stuff, but as I went about the project, the worries and anxieties settled into their proper proportion and became solvable.

You can see pics here.