Armchair activist …

… is not necessarily the insult it’s meant to be. There’s a heck of a lot we can do from our armchairs! Make phone calls, write letters, read up on our fields, take webinars.

And the letters and phone calls don’t even need to be to the “powers that be” per se. It could be to our Mom or aunt or our sister or a friend. Societies reclaim their sanity from the bottom up, and it starts with person-to-person transmission.

Sharing little tips we’ve discovered that make life easier. Optimizing a household process, finding or making a cool new tool that simplifies a daily chore, etc.

I used to love reading that column in the newspaper called “Hints from Heloise.” They were always just tiny little household tips, but obviously they added up to savings or people wouldn’t have bothered to write or read about them.

(An influential teacher of mine once asserted that societies go insane from the top down. If that’s the case, which I agree that it is, then I think that societies can only reclaim their sanity from the bottom up.)