Please disregard everything I’ve said up until now

No, not really. Just being facetious. But my real point is that sometimes some thing we said five years ago or last year or even five minutes ago, turns out to be some thing we wouldn’t say now. Or maybe we would find a better way to say it. Or maybe we realized that the audience we chose was not the right audience, and we caused unnecessary suffering, waste of energy, etc.

So, what I do when this happens, which happens more often than I would like since I pretty much spent almost all of my days working as a communicator… Is I do my best to make it right, and then I move forward with the new awareness.

In that spirit, if something I’ve said in a previous post just doesn’t sit right or just doesn’t work for you, I totally support you in ignoring it!

Different words to find different audiences, so I generally won’t delete a post unless I find that it’s actually wrong or would be considered significantly offensive.

This post is not about any particular post of mine. It’s just a general public service announcement. And, I always welcome your feedback. My goal isn’t to be cute, funny, popular, or the best. Although most of us would probably like to be those things. The real goal is to be of service to you, my fellow Earth guardian, eco-warrior, green soldier, or whatever you prefer to call yourself!