“Eye of the Storm” book, & book group

For people feeling anxiety about climate change & social/economic chaos:

I highly recommend reading fellow Deep Adaptation member Terry LePage’s excellent book “Eye of the Storm: Facing Climate and Social Chaos with Calm and Courage.”

The author points out that fear, calm, and courage are all contagious. And that we can be in service by cultivating calm & courage. She shares some unhelpful stories we’ve been clinging to; and offers some more meaningful, compassionate, authentic stories.

And please join the book discussion group on Zoom; details below.

From the author:

Hi all. You are welcome to join a book group starting next Sat. Jan. 13, 10am Pacific time. No charge. Facilitated by the author! I love the feedback I’m getting that this book gives people comfort and practical tools for coping and living well.

Free audiobook at https://soundcloud.com/michael-dowd-grace-limits/sets/eye-of-the-storm-by-terry-lepage-audiobook; paper and electronic editions available from all your usual sources including internationally. Let me know if you need a PDF.

Register here. https://www.tickettailor.com/events/opendoorcommunication1/1018746.
(Eye of the Storm book group)