What did/do you want to be when you grow up?

A fellow author posted that question on their timeline.

My answer:

I’m doing it!
I wanted to be an environmentalist and now I teach people how to restore ecosystems.
I wanted to be a fashion designer and now I make my own clothes and accessories out of old clothing & scraps that were otherwise destined for landfill.
I wanted to be a psychologist/therapist, and now I help people explore their consciousness and liberate their minds.
I wanted to make art and now I do what I want.
I wanted to be a book author, and now I am.
One thing I might want to do next is secure ownership of a vacant duplex or fourplex in my neighborhood, and let the tenants become the owners, and I would be a Permaculture property manager.
Having a little community coffee shop / bookstore wouldn’t be awful either! In the meantime, I have a little free library out front of my place.

What a great post, thank you fellow author Ajay Howarth – Author!