Winter knit slipper-bootie repair!

Successful stitching experiment today: Fixed the sole of my left slipper.

These knitted bootie slippers are so super warm. There’s even a layer of foam padding inside the sole to add to the insulating powers.

But the rubber sole of the left one had gotten tattered in the front and started to get tattered in the back as well. (Sorry did not think to post the Before picture before starting into the project. I really should get better about posting Before pictures.)

Rather than rip off all the rubber, I just covered it over. I used what was on hand in my scrap bag, none of which was a piece big enough to cover the whole thing.

But I turned that into an asset. By using three different types of material, it’s kind of a research project as I will get to observe which type of material wears better.

BTW these booties were old when I got them, a couple of years ago. I actually rescued them from the waste stream. My guess is that they got discarded because one part of the upper of one boot had become unstitched from the sole.

But I was able to mend that gap pretty easily and have been enjoying the booties in cold weather all this time. Til recently the sole of the left one started to wear out.

My motive for taking the trouble to make these repairs? For sure, I am thrifty and love to not have to spend money on buying new stuff. I have so much better things to spend money on, like books and online classes!! And good food!

But even more, I do it because I love rescuing things that are still good, and giving them a long long life beyond what they were going to have. And keeping things out of landfill is always a worthy endeavor.

And, another aspect I really enjoy is adding my own distinctive touches when I mend things. Instant one-of-a-kind designer fashion!! <laugh emoji, green heart emoji>

See pics here on my DEEP GREEN Facebook page.