Enough anti-Trump memes already??

“Why do so many Christians follow the most anti-Christ person on the planet? Explain it to me like I’m two years old.” (Typical meme seen on the page of fellow Boomer who identify as liberal.)

This is an example of a type of meme that has been going around a lot. Us Boomer liberals bashing Trump, Republicans, etc.

Asking these kinds of questions in an echo chamber of fellow “liberals” can give a nice burst of feeling righteous. But a better approach, when we’re triggered by the “badness” of “the other,” is to go inward, work on ourselves, do shadow work.

Another aspect has to do with attention. When so much of our attention is tied up in self-righteousness about how “bad” the “bad guy” is, we have that much less attention and creativity available to actually effect positive change.

I wish more of us self-described “liberals” of the Boomer generation would put our attention on supporting actual progressive candidates. Then we wouldn’t have to be obsessing about whatever the “bad guy” or “bad party” is doing.

(It was also pointed out to me that Biden has done a lot of really good things. Maybe if more of Biden’s supporters would publicize some of the good things he’s accomplished, more of voters could get behind him and really vote enthusiastically, as opposed to just voting against the other guy.)

PS. Also I can see how this kind of meme comes across as bashing Christians, and I can see how a lot of Christians might be feeling sort of harassed by secular “liberals” these days.