Reading list for a collapse/adaptation study group

Someone in the Deep Adaptation group is starting a study group in their community. And asked for recommendations of books and other texts.

They mentioned they are interested in both fiction and nonfiction (very wise, in my experience — fiction can convey a lot of deep truth), and books as well as other media.

I am pasting here some of the recommendations that people mentioned in the comments. I will add to this list as I come across more recommendations.

Here are some titles one member recommended; I will try to dig up the authors etc. as time permits.

•Breaking Together
• Another End of the World is Possible
• On Freedom (Maggie Nelson)
• We’re Doomed Now What?
• Climate Wars
• Deep Green Resistance
• The Resilience Imperative
• Mossbacks

• Michael Dowd’s “Post Doom” series includes both audio and written works.

• Carolyn Baker’s books Undaunted and Love in the Age of Ecological Apocalypse. As the DA member who recommended these so aptly puts it, “I don’t need the science anymore. I need to figure out how to be.” Carolyn Baker has YouTube interviews also.

• I also recommend Eye of the Storm: Facing Climate and Social Chaos, by Terry LePage, who is a member of the Deep Adaptation group. (BTW Terry is hosting a zoom book club for the book starting this Saturday January 13, 2024. Check the Deep Adaptation group for details and sign up. Hope to see you there!)


To the many excellent recommendations that others have suggested, I would very strongly recommend some reading about cultivating compassion.

I gave this topic a whole header by itself. Because, in my experience, compassion is the ultimate adaptive trait for a society, and for individuals.

Here is an excellent short compilation that gives great practical tips for everyday people on how to cultivate compassion. How To Be a Bodhisattva (Thich Nhat Hanh; Lion’s Roar)

It may seem like an unattainable ideal, but you can start right now as a bodhisattva-in-training. All you need is the aspiration to put others first.
14 MARCH 2023

  • Everyone Is Your Guest
    Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche on your life as a future bodhisattva
  • 6 Baby Steps to Kindness
    The path of compassion, says Judy Lief, starts with stepping out of your usual storyline. Here are five ways to do it.
  • You Deserve Compassion Too
    Compassion makes no distinction between self and other, says Christina Feldman. Care for your own suffering in the same way you care for others’.
  • The Buddha’s Love
    Thich Nhat Hanh describes how love for one person becomes love for all.
  • Unbearable Compassion
    For our compassion to be effective, says Ogyen Trinley Dorje, the 17th Karmapa, it must be as unbearable as the world’s suffering is.
  • Toward a Culture of Love
    Love is the ultimate transgression, bell hooks argues. Its transformative power can shatter the status quo.

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