Free car can be very expensive

I had to take a deep breath when I read this post on a friend’s page, because of their assumption that people who are walking must surely want a car. Very American and very car-centric.

But, I reminded myself that the post arose from a kind, generous, empathetic intention.

The post:

CAR DONATION NEEDED. There are 3 men in <city> that I’ve never met, but around 5 PM they are always walking on __ Road sometimes they are in uniform. Not sure who they are but I have been seeing them for at least a year walking. … if anyone has one they want to donate I can help with transfer fees. I love to see people work and these men are obviously coming from some sort of employment and walking at that.

My response:

You are so kindhearted always!

Things to consider: They may have a good reason for walking.

  • They may not have their driver’s licenses, and may not be eligible for driver’s licenses.
  • A car, even a free car, is very expensive for the recipient, and depending on their income it could be out of their range. (I speak from personal experience as a person who was once offered a free car and would have had to turn it down even if I wanted it.) Even if the car is free, they have to worry about gasoline, maintenance, insurance, repairs, and all of those other things. (But maybe as <another friend commenting> suggested, they would want a bicycle or scooter, which is a lot more affordable to keep.)
  • I know this sounds crazy, because a lot of people I’ve met in Florida assume that a person who is walking can’t possibly be enjoying it, and must surely want to be in a car. But they might actually enjoy the walk. Sometimes a walk allows a person to socialize and unwind and get fresh air, even if they have been working at hard labor all day.
  • They might only be walking a short way. And they might not have car parking available at their living situation or workplace.

Not trying to sound negative!! Just mentioning these things because car owners don’t necessarily think about them.

Still, it’s worth maybe talking to them, seeing what they say. And regardless, three cheers to you always for your kind heart.

PS. Something I refrained from writing in my response to friend’s post is that I have long considered cars to be an inferior mode of transport to just about any other mode, in so many ways.