Hey Boomers, there’s lots we can do!

I started out this topic in November (Nov 3 post) with this article from Yale climate connections dot org, about what we Boomers can do about climate change. This article is by Bill McKibben, an American environmentalist and author of several acclaimed books. McKibben founded an organization called Third Act to empower older adults to protect the planet.

(BTW when I talk about Boomers I also mean the generations older than us. Elders are definitely so needed and often so overlooked! To those of you who are still out there putting your hearts into making a difference in whatever way you can, thank you.)

Here I’m starting a list of additional ideas we may have overlooked, about what we Boomers can do about climate change. This list is in no particular order; it’s just as things come to me. (My head feels like a crowded attic at times, and if I forget to write stuff down, then it gets back lost in there again after floating up to the surface for a minute. Thank you, dear reader, for your indulgence. )

• One thing that doesn’t seem to get talked about much, but I think is a really major leverage point, is where we put our money. I think one of the most powerful things we could do is take our money out of Wall Street – tied investments, and put it into our local areas. Like for example, what if instead of a 401(k) — those of you who have 401(k)s) — a person were to take that money off of Wall Street and use it to purchase a commercial building in one’s own home city/town, and rent it out for an affordable rate to local young entrepreneurs or other local people who have a highly beneficial mission?

• Or become a money partner in a local farm etc.

• That’s all well and good for people with 401(k)s or other nest eggs, but what about for those who do not have that? I will be writing down things that I have thought of and/or done. Stay tuned.

Further Exploration:

• Here is Bill McKibben’s website for you in case you want to check out some more of his writings. https://billmckibben.com

• Here is the website of Third Act, the organization that McKibben founded to empower older adults to protect the planet. https://thirdact.org And there is even a Third Act book club for those of you who are so inclined. (Amazing what I learn when I get around to checking out the links that I post here to help everyone get the inspiration and resources they need!) Interesting money fact seen on this website: 70% of the USA’s financial assets belong to Boomers and the Silent Generation!