Gratitude to Dr. L. Ron Durham, City of Daytona Beach radio show host

Today was Dr. L Ron Durham’s final radio show as a City of Daytona Beach employee. We are sorry to see him retire, but we wish to express our deepest appreciation for the many hours of airtime he gave to environmental topics.

As Community Relations Director for the City of Daytona Beach, and host of the City of Daytona Beach radio show, Dr. Durham has done an incredible job highlighting community issues, most definitely including the very detailed environmental issues that I brought up as a regularly scheduled guest on his show.

Thanks to Ron’s excellent format and superb hosting hospitality, more people became interested in local ecological issues, and as a community activist in our beloved city I am forever grateful! Thank you Ron for providing me and Daytona Beach Permaculture Guild and fellow eco groups such as DREAM GREEN VOLUSIA, with this platform for serving our community.

Stay tuned; one of my first tasks of the new year will be to compile a list of all of my archived shows with Dr. Durham, so that people can easily access the recordings.

All of the issues we have covered are very much timeless and deeply relevant to the physical, mental, and economic health of our community. As I’m fond of saying, the environment is not just something that’s out there separate from us. It is our life support system, the planet that is our only home!

Here’s the recording of Ron’s final show today on Facebook Live. I phoned in first thing to thank him.